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Videokast is a professional services firm that gives local businesses more power to deliver web-based video messages with a quality and style that can be enjoyed outside the cacophony and control of a YouTube environment.

Deliver your online video presentations on your own terms! We place your video messages inside your privately branded launch page complete with personalized links to associated documents, photos, marketing tools, and sales coupons -- all with personally controlled advertising options.

Videokast is your source for Live and OnDemand webcasts and video marketing promotions for businesses, associations, local government, and sports and entertainment organizations.

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Bill Hornbeck, Chief VKaster

Introducing TinyClip

New and innovative, TinyClip allows your viewers to instantly create miniature video clips of a specific segment of a meeting or entertainment event which enables the viewer to email as a link or embed on a web site or blog for re-distribution. Now your viewers can share the specific topic or action clip that is most relevant to them and their colleagues. It's fun!

How TinyClip Works

While watching a specific OnDemand video program, the participant launches the TinyClip tool and selects the starting point and the end point of the clip that they would like to capture. Next, a direct web link to their unique clip is generated which can then be sent to others in an email. Also, a string of HTML code is generated which the participant can embed on a web page to enable others visitors to watch on the participant's personal web site.

Here is a TinyClip action page for a Business Promotion and here is a TinyClip action page sample for Indie Music.


Video Indexing

We are specialists in managing video indexing requirements for corporate and government long-form meetings.

A sample Videokast Indexed Video Meeting
Any streaming video can be quickly indexed, complete with titles and descriptions, so that viewers can avoid having to sit through an entire video to find their specific point of interest.

The resultant on-demand video presentation allows viewers to select a specific time-frame within the video to begin their viewing experience.

Video Indexing saves time for the viewers and fosters greater participation. And, it's perfect for enabling pinpoint access to short sections of lengthy business and government meeting videos.


Visit VIDEOKAST.TV ~ Your Place for Your Show

Use Videokast's WebTV Network to host privately branded, high-quality webcasts outside the noise and constraints of the YouTube display pages.

Check out The UpStart Show to see how you can deliver your own special web-tv program.

Each OnDemand production is delivered on a private page with full capabilities to wrap with local and personalized advertising, provide links to PDf documents, meeting agendas, maps and other images, fan posters, and provide access to the merchandise store.

Click the image at right to see how Indie groups are using TinyClip.

You have control along with an online environment that lets you build your personal brand. You have VIDEOKAST.TV


V*Ticket is your Virtual Ticket to OnDemand Replays and Products

Forget the clutter of end-of-show DVD production and point-of-sale exit transactions. Now you can sell post-event online access and download of tonight's event by simply selling a virtual ticket with secure log-in credentials. Then, relax.

Get the digital production just the way you want and launch it when ready. Already sold with advance-sale V*Tickets in your audience's hands. Great for OnDemand audio, video, and fan-based merchandise.  



An excellent tool for Corporate Presentations and Training, too! We have the expertise to help you implement the projects that require specialized insight into the strategies and tactics of web-based video content indexing, hosting, and distribution to your local and highly interested community. Videokast will get you up-and-running quickly, under budget and above your expectations.

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